Following the Morning Worship Service on September 13, we will have a special-called business meeting for the purpose of electing a pastor search team.


In order to accommodate our church members who are participating from home due to COVID-19 concerns, at the beginning of the business meeting we will be temporarily suspending the by-laws to allow for balloting for those who are not present until the pastor search team members are selected.


During the meeting, we will have a secret ballot and will have each church member list five active church members to nominate for the pastor search team. Please fill all five slots with a different name. The names of ten members, never including husband and wife, receiving the largest number of votes and willing to serve will be presented to the church for approval on September 27 following Worship Service.


At the meeting on the 27th, each church member will be provided with a list of the top ten candidates. Each voting member may vote for no more than five persons. The five receiving the largest number of votes will be named to the team.


Please make sure you are here to take part in this very important activity in the life of our church.